RePneu Coils

The RePneu® Coil System is a minimally-invasive treatment designed to improve exercise capacity, lung function and quality of life for people with advanced emphysema. The Coils act by a simple mechanical action of tissue compression so the desired effects are achieved without collateral ventilation interfering with treatment outcome.

Why a Coil?

PneumRx developed a product suited to the specific patho-physiologic challenges of the emphysema disease state. Emphysema is characterized by loss of the lung’s natural elastic properties and increased lung volume, which make breathing difficult.

Most endoscopic treatment methods focus only on reducing lung volume by blocking or collapsing parts of the emphysematous lung. RePneu Coils mechanically increase elastic recoil in healthier regions, while simultaneously achieving lung volume reduction of highly diseased areas of the lung.

The re-tensioning effects of the RePneu Coils also tether small airways, helping to hold them open and preventing airway collapse during exhalation. Airway tethering is a key benefit designed to prevent air trapping and hyperinflation, and is a fundamental and exclusive element of the Coil’s design.

Airway tethering