Company History

PneumRx, Inc. is a Mountain View, CA based medical device company focused on developing minimally-invasive solutions for unmet medical needs in pulmonary medicine. Our flagship product, the RePneu® Coil is an endobronchial treatment that addresses the key challenges in emphysema management. The Coils are designed to increase elastic recoil to improve exercise capacity, lung function and quality of life for patients with emphysema. Made from shape-memory Nitinol, the RePneu Coil gathers and compresses hyperinflated tissue and tethers small airways open to prevent airway collapse without blocking lung tissue or provoking fibrosis.

Symptomatic relief is often felt by patients within hours after the procedure. Over several months, patients generally continue to improve in pulmonary function and physical endurance, enabling them to better sustain their activities of daily living, leading to a better quality of life.